What The Narcissist Thinks You Are Taking Their Control By Being Yourself

Think of Mario Cart.There is no you and the Narcissist.It is you VS the Narcissist.The Narcissist must always be in 1st place and you last. If it looks like you are coming up close to the Narcissist by standing up to them or doing anything that involves being yourself, they will have a shell readyContinue reading “What The Narcissist Thinks You Are Taking Their Control By Being Yourself”

Does The Narcissist Want You Back? Here’s Why!

That’s how the Narcissist sees you and will always see you that way. They don’t know any other way and they’re in denial about it aswell. They are carrying all this trauma with them and there’s going to be a lot of eruptions from the volcano with all that pressure bubbling away that their mindContinue reading “Does The Narcissist Want You Back? Here’s Why!”

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up To A Narcissist

When you stand up for yourself against a Narcissist it’s like they have a superhuman power for this carry on while you don’t stand a chance so don’t ever have a goal that you want to stand up to a Narcissist because they will still drain you. You want to change that goal to healingContinue reading “Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up To A Narcissist”

If The Narcissist Can Still Hurt You Via Text, Use This Simple Yet Effective Technique

When a narcissist writes an extremely hurtful message that gets into you so deep.They get in deep because you still believe them. They can still break you down from a distance. As long as you still respond to all of the Narcissist’s texts, you read those texts in the Narcissists voice in your mind causingContinue reading “If The Narcissist Can Still Hurt You Via Text, Use This Simple Yet Effective Technique”

A Narcissist Only Knows Dominance or Submission

They might have been raised by both a dominant and a submissive parent/ caregiverThey see the dominant person as powerful and a submissive person as weak.They might think that the powerful person cannot feel pain and that the submissive person can as they witness the unbreakable powerful person control the submissive person over and over.TheContinue reading “A Narcissist Only Knows Dominance or Submission”

Why Does The Narcissist Want You Back When You Appear Happy Without Them?

They were use to controlling your life and now their control is gone.They might try and find a new supply but if they don’t succeed, they will try again with you. They need a supply and will promise you the sun, moon and stars— be the tip of any iceberg you want as long asContinue reading “Why Does The Narcissist Want You Back When You Appear Happy Without Them?”

The Rollercoaster Chapter Of Being With A Narcissist

How true is this?They will break you down then make it up to you every single time making you feel like you are making a big mistake if you leave, and so you stay. But they will still not face their own trauma. They would rather have you in their cycle created by them instead.ToContinue reading “The Rollercoaster Chapter Of Being With A Narcissist”

A Narcissist Plays The Victim Well

During my own childhood my older brother was consistently being so verbally and physically abusive towards me. It was like he despised me. The Narcissist and my brother caused the same name feeling inside me except with the Narc I was more disconnected. Their disgust and anger was was aimed at me regularly so theContinue reading “A Narcissist Plays The Victim Well”

This Is Why a Narcissist Is So Good At Making You Hate Yourself!

Because they are seriously psychologically damaged.Because they wanted to know everything about you at the start of the relationship and now they know how to use that information to cause psychological damage to you.Sure when you first told them personal stuff they seemed sooo understanding, just so you would share more with them.The more knowledgeContinue reading “This Is Why a Narcissist Is So Good At Making You Hate Yourself!”

Understanding The Narcissist

Once you understand this then you will do even more research and find ways not to have this person in your life. You just don’t know it yet and still have more to learn before you make that change.Analogy: You wouldn’t just buy a huskie because of how they look or how cool you willContinue reading “Understanding The Narcissist”