Why Boundaries Are So Important After Leaving An Abusive Relationship

This memory was about a couple of months after I ended it with the Narcissist.I had been teaching my then 4 year old the Irish words for colours, helping her to understand that we speak in the english language not Irish language and that we are Irish. Anyway, the Narcissist was dropping her back oneContinue reading “Why Boundaries Are So Important After Leaving An Abusive Relationship”

Once You Leave The Abuse, Then Comes The Next Chapter

This is going to happen in the next chapter once you put an end the abuse. The Narcissist is no longer in your life and yet you feel lost.Your mind feels like there is something missing.You are questioning whether you made the right decision and the self doubt still continues to stir inside your mind.YouContinue reading “Once You Leave The Abuse, Then Comes The Next Chapter”

Narcissists have a neurological disorder

This is what I fell for soooo many times.Those tearsThat hurtIt broke me to see that I was “ruining someone’s life” or “ breaking up a family”.But what you need to be aware of is that before you was another person sitting in the same seat you are sitting in!They play this over and overContinue reading “Narcissists have a neurological disorder”

Why Does A Narcissist Put So Much Effort Into Locking You In?

They knew exactly what they were doing.They were well able to control their triggers while they were getting to know you.They gave a sneeky comment here and there to see if you wouldn’t reject it.They were good at filling you with compliments while also keeping those comments consistent in order to keep the balance rightContinue reading “Why Does A Narcissist Put So Much Effort Into Locking You In?”

Why You Ignore Redflags In The Beginning

A narc has the ability to give you what you lack in yourself once they know what that is. At first you think it’s great that they want to know everything about you, but it’s for a reason.. Their focus is switched on more when you talk about your trauma and weaknesses because knowledge isContinue reading “Why You Ignore Redflags In The Beginning”

Is There a Connection Between Our Relationship With Family And Narcissists?

During my own childhood my older brother was consistently being so verbally and physically abusive towards me. It was like he despised me. The Narcissist and my brother caused the same name feeling inside me except with the Narc I was more disconnected. Their disgust and anger was was aimed at me regularly so theContinue reading “Is There a Connection Between Our Relationship With Family And Narcissists?”

Why a Narcissist is So Good At Making You Hate Yourself

Because they are seriously psychologically damaged.Because they wanted to know everything about you at the start of the relationship and now they know how to use that information to cause psychological damage to you.Sure when you first told them personal stuff they seemed sooo understanding, just so you would share more with them.The more knowledgeContinue reading “Why a Narcissist is So Good At Making You Hate Yourself”

A Different Way Of Looking At Narcissistic Abuse

If you could see your situation how would it look? The Narcissist needs an empath because an empath will most likely put others first and would never want to hurt someone so they are the ideal match for them.If you are the empath and fall into this trap, then you become their shield. When theirContinue reading “A Different Way Of Looking At Narcissistic Abuse”

The first step on escaping a Narcissist

During times of stress we don’t see clearly. Stress drains us and makes us feel weak. We cannot think straight. We feel hopeless and powerless. We are being controlled and manipulated. We can say all day long that this is Herman us yet we don’t know the next step. No action will be taken andContinue reading “The first step on escaping a Narcissist”

It’s not you that makes him angry!

You wern’t involved in their past trauma!You didn’t cause their trauma.You had no part in their Trauma so do NOT respond like you caused it!You don’y owe them anything and You have NOTHING to make up for.Those are their insecurities, their issues that they need to work on just like many others with past issues.Don’tContinue reading “It’s not you that makes him angry!”