What The Narcissist Thinks You Are Taking Their Control By Being Yourself

Think of Mario Cart.There is no you and the Narcissist.It is you VS the Narcissist.The Narcissist must always be in 1st place and you last. If it looks like you are coming up close to the Narcissist by standing up to them or doing anything that involves being yourself, they will have a shell readyContinue reading “What The Narcissist Thinks You Are Taking Their Control By Being Yourself”

Welcome to my homepage

Allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name of Nicola. My friend calls me Nic, my daughter calls me “Mother” And my dog calls me “human”

I have been on this Earth since 1985 and I have had a good hard look back on my life and had so many questions, such as “What’s wrong with me” and “Why do I not fit in anywhere?” As children we just get on with it. It’s only as we enter into adulthood that the situations seem to get worse rather than better. We are adults now and not children anymore so this should have all magically disappeared and we are shocked and disappointed when it doesn’t.

I will take you back to certain situations and thought processes so hold onto your seats because things are about to get bumpy! I’m talking anxiety, success, feeling numb, disbelief, overcoming stuff, losing alot, gaining it back. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions but it made me so fascinated with the mind and consciousness,, so everything happens for a reason.

I will show you what has worked for me and maybe you will relate to what I have gone through.

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