Signs of Domestic Abuse

When you hear of someone who has been in an abusive relationship, the thought that might pop into your mind, (if you have no experience on the matter is….) “How did they let it go that far” “I wouldn’t put up with that””Why don’t they just leave?”But unless you have walked in the footsteps ofContinue reading “Signs of Domestic Abuse”

Eyes on the prize

When we decide on a goal on whatever that may be for you, it’s exciting. In the beginning we plan and we plan and we put so much energy, commitment and drive into it that we can really feel it happening. The door of our minds are open for us, letting us see and feelContinue reading “Eyes on the prize”

what narrow interests look like

Well, when people ask me what it’s like to have narrow interests, this is what I would show them. Out of site, out of mind LITERALLY. This is why I can become obsessive about a particular topic, because it’s all I see and process in my life and nothing more will get in the wayContinue reading “what narrow interests look like”