Does The Narcissist Want You Back? Here’s Why!

That’s how the Narcissist sees you and will always see you that way.

They don’t know any other way and they’re in denial about it aswell. They are carrying all this trauma with them and there’s going to be a lot of eruptions from the volcano with all that pressure bubbling away that their mind will look for ways to to release that built up energy.
They need to make you feel how they felt and they don’t care either.

Does a Narcissist ever finally face everything for real and heal?
The Narc in my chapter even told me that his psychiatrist said it was my fault that my daughter was Autistic —Because I am Autistic. “And your point is?” I think.
What do Narcissists talk about with psychiatrists?
Does the therapist know their patient is a Narcissist?
Is there no such thing as a Narcissist returning to their childhood to face their trauma?
Or will they continue denying the whole thing which makes things extremely difficult in getting help? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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