Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up To A Narcissist

When you stand up for yourself against a Narcissist it’s like they have a superhuman power for this carry on while you don’t stand a chance so don’t ever have a goal that you want to stand up to a Narcissist because they will still drain you. You want to change that goal to healing and building yourself then your improved mindset will be enough to put off the Narcissist as you won’t be on the same vibrational level as each other.
All contact with a narcissist must be broken.
Text only if Co parenting.
It’s not the same as a normal couple break up. There needs to be serious boundaries put in place. They are not allowed in the house. I don’t care if they mention the kids needs in order to get to your heart. You know it’s in your kid’s interests that they DON’T enter the house. You know they’re dysfunctional.
With anyone else that you interact with, it’s a normal and healthy interaction and you want to keep it that way.
When interacting with a Narcissist your kids may still look ‘ok’ on the outside, but they are processing a very negative interaction into their subconscious mind when you interact with a Narcissist.
Kids don’t judge so everything appears normal for them which makes them more on a vibration level with a toxic person.
Your kid’s minds are taking in and processing your interactions on a subconscious level.

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