If The Narcissist Can Still Hurt You Via Text, Use This Simple Yet Effective Technique

When a narcissist writes an extremely hurtful message that gets into you so deep.
They get in deep because you still believe them. They can still break you down from a distance. As long as you still respond to all of the Narcissist’s texts, you read those texts in the Narcissists voice in your mind causing a trigger response from you as if the Narcissist was really verbally saying these words.
You act and respond based on your core beliefs so as long as your mind is still in alignment with the Narcissist, nothing will change. You will be broken and they need to know that you’re still broken and they still have the reigns on you. They don’t even have to be in the same room as you. They’re getting their fix and still looking for you to be their trauma bucket by you communicating with them.
By writing back something bland with no emotion connected then the narc will hear that word as they read it in your voice. The more this happens the more you keep writing back “cool.” Get yourself a journal or a new copy folder or even the notepad in your phone will do and try write down his response to you, writing cool. If they hear your voice over and over saying cool to everything that they have put their blood, sweat and tears into regarding the texts their subconscious mind will know then in future for when they are typing another long message to you, they know you are just going to write back “cool” so they don’t see the point in wasting their energy

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