Understanding The Narcissist

Once you understand this then you will do even more research and find ways not to have this person in your life. You just don’t know it yet and still have more to learn before you make that change.
Analogy: You wouldn’t just buy a huskie because of how they look or how cool you will look. If you did then you would be in for a shock and realise that they need 2 hour walks daily, will dig up holes in your backgarden due to boredom, shead hair EVERYWHERE and the rest that goes with owning a husky!
You need to study it first, see if it matches up with you and your new life.
You might learn that actually a shihtzu would be more your type of dog as they are more chill and don’t shed. The point is that you never know where doing your research about something can take you unless you try.
The more you learn about what you CAN do then you will have a better understanding of your path.


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