What’s Really Going On In That Mind Of Yours?

Change comes from within.
This all happened with the data you received making it’s way into your subconscious mind through repetition.
If you can be programmed into your situation then you can re-program yourself out of it.

What’s really going on in that mind if yours?
You won’t know for sure unless you start writing!
Action is less likely to follow unless you’re writing stuff down though!
The over thinking and fear of judgment during the writing phase is what can interrupt this process so be mindful of that.
Write any helpful thoughts that pop up in your mind because they are in there! You might notice a helpful thought as it passes through your mind, but because you didn’t hold it with your hand and place it in your safe (write it down) it gets lost and mixed up again with your unhelpful thoughts.
So now it’s clouded and you have the belief that you don’t have any helpful thoughts because of this.
The change really does begin within you. Your mind already knows how to help you and it’s waiting for you to start writing out what it has to say to guide you right!
The quote was from @oprah book “what I know for sure” book which I highly recommend reading!

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