Once You Leave The Abuse, Then Comes The Next Chapter

This is going to happen in the next chapter once you put an end the abuse. The Narcissist is no longer in your life and yet you feel lost.
Your mind feels like there is something missing.
You are questioning whether you made the right decision and the self doubt still continues to stir inside your mind.
You don’t know what to do and you feel really stuck and lost.
The pain from the abuse might even begin to fade a little and you even start to miss them.

Again this is another mindf**k!
What is happening is that your mind had been moulded by the Narcissist for so long that it got comfortable with being uncomfortable.
So now that you have taken care of yourself physically, it’s time to take care of yourself psychologically and emotionally. There IS going to be a hole in your mind and it will need to be filled but Not by the Narc or finding a new partner because your mind will attract the same type because the neuropathways in your mind are still connected to narcissists and then you will wonder why you attract narcissists!

The hole needs to be filled with your own internal needs.
What do you like to do?
What are you good at?
What kind of pages do you follow on Instagram that you felt connected to? Focus more on them!
Go to the library and see what book stands out to you. Your mind will make it stand out to you so trust it.
You can begin with the external like getting your hair done, massage etc then work your way in once you get the momentum going.
Get to know yourself. Your true self wants to help and guide you but you NEED YOU TO NOTICE IT!
Your true self has been inside you and you were unaware that you had been denying this of yourself.

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