Narcissists have a neurological disorder

This is what I fell for soooo many times.
Those tears
That hurt
It broke me to see that I was “ruining someone’s life” or “ breaking up a family”.
But what you need to be aware of is that before you was another person sitting in the same seat you are sitting in!
They play this over and over again and yet they still refuse to look inwards. That’s not your responsibility.
You are not hurting them by saving yourself. You are their trauma distraction!
They want to drag you down and ruin your life.
What’s more important?
I know the situation, where you are so confused that you don’t know what’s right anymore so you give in because you can’t see any other options pulling you forward.
Find them yourself!
I will be posting tips about this in future posts.
You have the answers within you. Keep trying!

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