Why Does A Narcissist Put So Much Effort Into Locking You In?

They knew exactly what they were doing.
They were well able to control their triggers while they were getting to know you.
They gave a sneeky comment here and there to see if you wouldn’t reject it.
They were good at filling you with compliments while also keeping those comments consistent in order to keep the balance right for the bond.
You were unaware what was happening.
The more you processed the worse they got.
They found it easier to take away yourself piece by piece rather than face their trauma.
Now I don’t mean talk about what happened in their childhood. I mean they never held their hands up and held themselves accountable for how they treat others because of this.

They could have a deep deep fear that they will end up being that hurt child again but we’ll never know for sure because they won’t admit to it.

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