A Different Way Of Looking At Narcissistic Abuse

Visual of Narcissistic abuse

If you could see your situation how would it look?

The Narcissist needs an empath because an empath will most likely put others first and would never want to hurt someone so they are the ideal match for them.
If you are the empath and fall into this trap, then you become their shield.

When their own past trauma builds up inside them, that causes a trigger. They are then being controlled by their ego, so instead of looking inwards and taking their own arrows, they place you in front of them so that you take their arrows over and over again.

But as long as you are their shield, they don’t take any arrows. They hide behind you. They let you take their arrows in cycles over and over again everytime they break you down.
Their arrows don’t belong in you, only your own arrows do as a way of healing your own past trauma.
You are being treated as if you caused their childhood trauma. They actually don’t deserve you.
In a perfect world they would put the shield down and take all of their arrows with the intention of awareness and healing.
But does that happen? I’m not sure 🤷🏻‍♀️
So it’s up to you to jump out of the Narc’s hands and do what you can to get out for good.

I couldn’t find a good unisex figure for the photo.
These posts are aimed at male and female narcissists!

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