The first step on escaping a Narcissist

During times of stress we don’t see clearly. Stress drains us and makes us feel weak. We cannot think straight. We feel hopeless and powerless. We are being controlled and manipulated. We can say all day long that this is Herman us yet we don’t know the next step. No action will be taken and abuse will continue. Our friends and family might tell us we are being abused and we might not see it as long as we are being manipulated. I secretly recording dinner you will be able to observe from a different angle. You will hear things on that recording that you don’t remember the Narcissist saying or even your reaction to it. Try it and you will see for yourself. You might see that you are angry towards them to or that You are a person who shut down and cries instead. The reality is that stressful times clouds our judgment and our memory. Recordingd don’t lie so remember that.

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