When You Start To Look Happy The Narcissist Will Take You Down Again

Anytime I tried to do something good for me such as meet with a friend or try out a new dance class he told me that I was being selfish and how I did everything in order to suit me which would break me down.

Really though that is the Narcissist losing control of themselves AGAIN.
They want to bring your vibration down to their level. It use to work on me but it doesn’t anymore.
They are actually the selfish one who does things to suit themselves in their own toxic mind!

So don’t mind if I want to do something for myself such as wanting to meet up with a friend.
You call me what YOU are!
Nobody tells me these things about myself only YOU and that’s how I know that it’s all coming from you.
By me meeting up with a friend you feel threatened that they will build me back up making me harder to control

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