When The Narcissist Slags You For How You Dress.

As someone who wears gym gear and tracksuit bottoms to finally feel good in herself to wear a skirt to go out for her friend’s birthday it absolutely FLOORED me when he told me that I looked like a slut.
“Me look like a slut?”
At the same time I was actually getting fed up with his shit so I went out wearing it anyway.
That night he yelled at me at a house party in front of his friends telling me I looked like a complete slut and everyone at the party thought so too.
I cried and ran from the party and he came following me. I shut down, said nothing and he pulled over a taxi for us to get in and I said nothing for the night.
I waited for him to fall asleep. He had my car keys so I walked 30mins to my parents house in my pyjamas.
The next day he had left a note in my kitchen table to say how worried he was 🤥🤮.

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