When The Narcissist Makes You Believe That There is Something Wrong With You

I had lost count how many times the narcissist would say this to me. “What the f**k is wrong with you” over and over for a very long time.

If anyone knows anything about self talk, habit and programming the mind, if something is said to us consistently over and over again, then that question will become our own self talk. Which is PROOF that our thoughts are NOT real!
Whether you are currently in an abusive relationship, think you might be, free from one or have never been in one then pay attention to how you talk to yourself.
Our beliefs shape our reality and we make decisions based on what we believe about ourselves.
Our beliefs come from our consistent self talk.
Our self talk could of come from an external opinion which plants the seed into our mimds and we can carry that belief until we become aware that our THOUGHTS AREN’T REAL! Be kind to yourself.
You are doing the best with what you are aware of.

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