When the Narcissist tells you that his psychiatrist agrees with him about you

This one really hurt and got into my heart and broke me— once upon a time.
It was a comment made because my daughter who is Autistic was having difficulties focusing in school. He was blaming me saying it was my fault that she was having problems focusing and not interacting the way other kids do. I didn’t know I was Autistic myself at this stage.
My thoughts after this was said to me was“ If a psychiatrist, a trained professional even thinks it then it must be true and I’m the one that needs help”
A narcissist doesn’t see what he/ she does. Everything is everyone else’s fault so he wore his mask, played the victim and fooled his psychiatrist.
They will use anything and everything to break us down and this is why no contact is essential. They are experts at this game. We are not so this is the only way to us healing ourselves.

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