Does the Narcissist tell you that you are lazy?

The Narcissist would always tell me that I was worthless for not having a job and when I finally did get a job the Narcissist told me that I was neglecting my child by having my Mom take care of her while I went to work! A prime example of how no matter what I did, I was always wrong 🤣
You will never please a narcissist. They will ALWAYS look for ways to lash out at you.

I still co-parent with him and he would still try and take me down with words like this….until I changed my reaction!
If the narcissist you’re dealing with does things like this—- reply with ONE WORD ONLY!
They have absolutely no reason to contact you further.
If they do, keep replying back a one word reply.
“Insert reply here”
You might want to prove to yourself that you are sticking up for yourself but that involves taking a lot of your energy, time, adrenaline and charged up emotions. You are still hurting yourself by falling into this.
Reply with a ‘one word’ reply and do NOT explain yourself or your actions!
The more you do this the more the hurt will fade.

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