Does The Narcissist In Your Life Tell You That You Make Them Angry?

Well that is not true!!

They were already this way before you met then so PLEASE believe this!!
It’s NOT your fault!
Narcissist have the intense need to want to control their victims and lash out whenever they feel like it whenever they feel you’re not doing something to their standards. This is not a relationship! This is suffering. This is taking your pure soul hostage.
They never had control of their most likely terrible childhood and so as adults they will do anything to stay in control EVEN if that means taking your sweet spirit and hiding it from you so that you will be his puppet.
It didn’t just happen like that. If they were super nice to you at the start then they knew all along what their goal was going to be for you.
So it is NOT your fault. You are in an abusive relationship and only when you acknowledge that—- will you then need to start focusing on believing you can get away—- followed by trying to figure out how to get your life back

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