“You look Like a Cheap Prostitute With Make-Up On!”

Ah I remember this day. I was feeling depressed and my friend wanted to do something, ANYTHING to cheer me up so she had done my make-up for me.
I have to say just the feeling of someone doing your make-up is soooo relaxing. And when it was finished I felt so much better and thought I looked incredible!
I was looking forward to his reaction. This was around the time if when it started. As soon as this was said to me I went straight into the bathroom and washed my face.
“Well if he thought that then it must be true”
It’s messed up how we can believe the words coming from one person and not trust ourselves to see through it as it’s happening and take action sooner but I will NEVER take in any nasty words coming from another person!
I will stay true to myself.
Good people don’t see the negative in others.
Good people don’t say nasty things.

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