My Baby Was Born

At 39 weeks pregnant I felt water leaking at around 23:00. I was also getting mild pain on and off so I wasn’t sure whether it was labour pains or anxiety pains. I told my mom and it was a very surreal moment. “Oh my god I am going to have the baby soon”

I got my bad ready and we proceeded to go to the hospital at around 03:00 as the pain was still very mild and I knew that I wanted to stay out of hospital for as long as I could.

I called the narcissist to tell him but I knew that he was out on a night out with his colleagues from work so I told him to go home, get some sleep then follow me to the hospital.

At around 05:30 the pains were becoming challenging that I was practicing my breathing techniques and using the tens machine that I had purchased. It was an amazing device sending electronic impulses via the sticky pads I stuck to my lower back and it distracted me from the contractions.

The midwife had checked to see how far I was dilated and it was just 3cm!

I was attached to the monitor which would show the contractions go up by numbers as I felt the pain. I was making sounds by this stage because of the pain and I was moving around a lot in order to distract myself.

By this stage I was 4cm dilated and it was too soon for the epidural that I had been asking for. I was told that I could get it when I was 7cm dilated.

They suggested having a shower to see if it would help. But that would mean taking the tens machine which was an electronic device off which was my godsend and I couldn’t bare to take it off as it was helping the already painful contractions. “If I take it off I’m screwed and I won’t be able to put it back on if I’m wet” I wanted to get to 7cm so I did what I felt was right, I took the tens machine off and I got in the shower.

With each contraction I focused on that power shower shooting water on my lower back where I felt the pain the most. I must have been in there for an hour and a half before the midwife told me to go back to the ward so she could check my cervix again.

By that stage I was screaming in pain begging for that epidural. I now had no water or tens machine to help me through the pain. The contractions were coming so fast that I didn’t think I would make it back to the ward but I did somehow.

When I finally came back to the ward, the Narcissist was there and kept quiet the whole time. I suppose the pure shock of seeing me scream in pain was enough to shut anybody up.

“You’re 9cm dilated and it’s too late for the epidural so we’re taking you straight down to the labour room” The midwife said.

I was shocked but had no time to respond as the pain was taking over with each contractions again and again. I was now relying on gas and air as my pain relief so I was thankful to have something to take the edge off for the duration of the labour. I was wheeled down to the delivery suite. Looking back I was glad that I didn’t have the epidural although I didn’t feel like that at the time!

By 08:30 our daughter was born 7lb 7oz healthy and crying with no complications.

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