I thought I dodged a bullet

I was feeling relieved that I had a lucky escape. That was an intense moment, but it was more intense than it needed to be and to be honest, it had put me off the whole dating thing. If everyone reacts like that after 3 dates then it’s not worth the hassle.

A few weeks had passed by and I had noticed that my period was late so I took a pregnancy test not thinking of it but the test turned out to be positive. Seeing that result absolutely floored me. I was hysterical and in disbelief that I was going to have a child at 20 years of age with someone who I saw as clearly emotionally unstable. (I had went that far because as I said, I had nothing to compare it with. )

I was always very introverted and liked my own space and was always happiest when alone so now what’s ahead of me is that I now have to share it with someone I don’t even like, I actually felt sick.

Once I had settled down I prepared myself for calling him to tell him the news. I was dreadding it. I thought I would never ever talk to him again and he was out of my life for good but I an about to break the news that will change his life forever. “How do I say it?” I felt so unconfortable, nervous, nauseated as I listen to his phone ringing and I’m just waiting for him to answer.

He was driving at the time and I told him to pull in. When I told him I had done a pregnancy test which came up positive he went silent. He had no words at first. I felt like I was having a bad dream and soon I would wake up. But this was really happening. He kept asking if I was sure that I was pregnant. He then asked if he was the father. I told him there was nobody else and that it was definitely his. He wasn’t accepting that answer. I told him that I don’t lie and I also couldn’t live the rest of my life with a lie knowing that he could easily get a DNA test himself, so I knew my conscience was clear. He was beginning to believe me.

And so the morning sickness began. He was being persistant again in us getting to know each other in a non-dating way. I was very hormonal and would scream and cry at him to leave me alone. I just wanted to be alone but he wouldn’t stop trying then was telling me how much of a horrible and selfish person for hurting him and how he was certain that I wasn’t going to let him see the baby. I had already tried to reassure him that he can be involved in the pregnancy when it came to appointments, updates and be in the baby’s life. But my thought process was that I couldn’t be in his company as it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. But that wasnt enough for him. He wanted for us to still get to know each other and was pushing it. I felt very uncomfortable in his presence so I refused to spend time with him unless it involved appointment or preparing for after the baby was born. I stood by my ground with a passion so much that he had nothing else to use against me and so he left me alone and when I seen him it was on my terms. I kept him updated on everything pregnancy related. He came to all of the prenatal appointments.

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