Domestic Abuse Story

Blogging is like a public diary. But its actually only a part of my diary that I want to share in order to raise awareness to the fact that what I have experienced still goes on, and what I talk about needs to be talked about! There are people still suffering in silence. It is pure isolating a person’s soul from their old life. It’s most definitely not normal behaviour and it is dangerous! I hope that anyone who needs to read what I have to say has had enough and is now deciding to make a change. I absolutely admire anyone who is planning the next chapter.

It wont be a quick action. It will be a journey once you understand this. I hope to help motivate others who are currently in this type of situation. Helping you to see that your mind has been compressed smaller overtime with the negativity through breaking you down overtime so that now YOU have the belief that you can’t get out. But, YOU CAN!

I will let you experience my side through my mind in the process in what it feels like to be on the other side and out of the by showing you my path out in order to give hope to others out there. There is a sun, you’re just going to have to fight through the clouds in order to see it, but it will be sooo worth it and you have got the power!

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