Our thoughts are NOT real!

Our minds can literally be our best friend or our worst enemy DEPENDING on what mood it’s in. There are actually two of us. The real us which is the pure, non judgemental, free spirit us. What gets in the way of that is our thoughts that pop in regularly to help us or turn us away from something. They can make us feel good or they can make us absolutely tear into ourselves. It is so important to recognise this as not really us.

When we start a new habit, new behaviour or whatever it feels amazing. We feel free and that we are really on to something. Then the negative self talk creeps in, talking us out of it. Don’t listen to it though. It just doesn’t like change and wants to keep us in our comfort zone. The trick is that you have got to be consistent in order to get what you want and eventually those thoughts will fade away with each and every day of being consistent.

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