Eyes on the prize

When we decide on a goal on whatever that may be for you, it’s exciting. In the beginning we plan and we plan and we put so much energy, commitment and drive into it that we can really feel it happening. The door of our minds are open for us, letting us see and feel what we could have.Then what happens after a while? The ideas start to burn out and doors start to close..Why is this? Is this because when we FIRST had that goal, we had a rush of ONLY positive emotions which were AUTOMATICALLY fading out the negative ones? And now that the negative emotions are creeping back in such as ‘self doubt’ and that negative self talk such as “You can’t keep this up” start to pop back into your mind again AUTOMATICALLY closing off future ideas.Well see it for what it is. Take control again. Those thoughts are not really us and we can decide if they are being helpful or not!

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