Road Rage!

Why do we moan about things? We moan, get angry or impatient because we expect things to be a certain way in our minds. Everytime we moan or give a negative reaction, it’s harming us, it’s lowering our vibration which will then put us into a frequency for us to see only more things to moan about. It’s not a good cycle really is it?

I use to have bad road rage while driving because I was expecting everyone to me at my level of driving. I would react badly and shout if someone cut in front of me or didn’t indicate etc. simply because my mind wasn’t ready for it. I expect everyione to drive correctly.

Can I really change other driver’s behaviours while on the road? No that would be impossible. Could I accept it? Well yes I could actually. How can I just ‘accept it?’ By changing my focus, by consciously replace what thoughts I will put out there instead, before I even step into a car.

Old thoughts were (excuse the language ) “Indicate you prick” “Fucking asshole wanker” and “Who the fuck do you think you are dickhead” I had replaced those thoughts with something positive such as “I’m such a good driver I can avoid all obstacles” “Woah that was close but I acted fast” you get the gist of it. I can’t tell you what thoughts you should replace. You have to figure that out for yourself. You can use thaat in all situations of your life. You change your focus, you change your life.

What if you live with someone who has negative energy and moans a lot? I understand this completely. You’re trying to do well and improve your life but someone keeps draining the life out of you with their negative comments.. Again, you will change your focus….What you do is you will count everytime they throw a negative comment….then you are not taking it into you emotionally….. you are now the observer…it’s takes the emotion out of it….you are changing your focus now. You CAN shield yourself, you just need to know how.

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